Helping You Live An Abundant Life.

Empowering you to ditch your scarcity mindset, develop sacred self-love, and create the life you deserve.

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Catherine Eliot. I am a Holistic Psychologist, Mindset Coach and Healer.

I teach women how to cultivate sacred self-love, confidence, ditch their inner critic, and help them to create abundance in all aspects of their life.

My purpose is to help women cultivate self love, and confidence by helping them clear any mindset or energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that are getting in the way and contributing to the issues they are struggling with in their lives. I help them to ditch the inner critic and install their inner cheerleader.

The way that we talk to ourselves has a direct impact on our psychological wellbeing, in fact negative self-talk is linked to both anxiety and depression. so it makes sense that if we change our inner voice to become kinder and more loving, that this will have a direct positive impact on out mental health, leading us to feel happier and more fulfilled.

Many of us live in a mindset of scarcity or lack. Feeling like we don’t have enough, are not good enough, not loveable, not worthy, and this can lead us to doubt and question ourselves and not meet our potential in life.

All of my coaching packages include a potent blend of positive psychology tools, self-compassion, mindset work, energetic healing, hypnotherapy and spiritual practices to help you achieve a deep, healing transformation.

Life is too short to live in fear and scarcity.

I offer group coaching programs and 1:1 coaching bundles and packages.

Are you tired and frustrated feeling out of alignment in your life, but not knowing how to get things back into alignment?

I created a free resource to help you get crystal clear about what is out of alignment, so that you can get back into alignment fast! Claim yours for FREE below!