Catherine Eliot is a coach & mentor for, high-achieving female entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs.

She coaches and mentors her clients on personal development, nervous system regulation, business alignment, self-mastery, emotional intelligence, sustainable success and business growth.

Having a high level of responsibility and success in business is often stressful, and can sometimes come at a cost to mental and physical wellbeing. And this can have a domino effect on productivity, income and business success. There is a need for business owners and CEOs to learn to effectively regulate their nervous systems, skilfully navigate their emotional world, engage in self-care, and do the deeper emotional work and healing to create resilience and sustainability in their businesses.

This deep transformational work is aimed at helping female business owners and CEOs grow their businesses, wealth and impact in an aligned, sustainable way so that they can avoid suffering from nervous system dysregulation, chronic stress and ultimately burnout.

What is Burnout?

Burnout is a Psychological syndrome, mostly occupationally specific. Those in high-stress jobs are at increased risk of developing Burnout. It can also result when there is a mismatch between the person and their job role, responsibilities or working conditions. Certain people are at increased risk of developing burnout, personality traits such as high introversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness and neuroticism are associated with increased likelihood of burnout. People with perfectionistic traits and a high need for control are also more likely to suffer from burnout.

Signs of Burnout.

There are three main signs to look for when considering whether you might be suffering from burnout or be on the brink of it.

  • Exhaustion – Mental and physical exhaustion. The type of exhaustion that sleep does not fix.
  • Feelings of cynicism and detachment – In relation to your work or more generally in your personal life.
  • A sense of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment.
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Interested in working with Catherine?

Catherine offers 30 & 90 day 1:1 online coaching program for high achieving female business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs who are noticing signs of burnout and want to overcome it.

The program is tailored for each client but encompasses self-mastery, mindset work, understanding and clearing subconscious programming, emotional IQ, expanding consciousness, Self-Compassion, and mindfulness.

We work together intensively for 30/90 days 1 on 1 on the following: 

  1. Identifying your unique Burnout Blueprint. We get clear on what has led you to feel burnt out so that we can be guided to what you need, and which unique wellness tools, strategies and solutions will work best for you. 
  2. Cultivating your roadmap to wellness based on your unique burnout blueprint. Your unique roadmap will include tools, wisdom, strategies and practices that will work best for you. We also examine your work/business and how aligned you are with it. If it is not aligned with you, we work on realignment.
  3. Calming your nervous system, body and mind. Based on your unique blueprint, you will learn proven techniques to switch off your fight/flight response so that you can truly rest and restore. You will learn tools to calm your mind and reduce overthinking, so that you can think more clearly, focus and become more present and joyful.
  4. Improving your relationship with yourself. We work on prioritising your needs, self care, self-compassion, mindset and strengthening your inner cheerleader. We will create sustainable wellness rituals and routines that you can easily incorporate into your life to stay well. 

How It Works:

You get weekly one on one 60/90 min zoom sessions with me & messenger/Voxer support in between sessions. Plus, intuitive guidance is infused into everything I do.

In order to be the best candidate you will ideally be the owner/founder/CEO of a business or have a high level of responsibility in an organisation. You will have achieved a high level of financial success in your business but you are unable to enjoy your success or bask in your achievements because of how you are feeling. You will have noticed moderate signs of burnout and a negative impact on your work, life and/or relationships. 

>>Investment 30-day Intensive: $1444 (Pay in Full).

>>Investment 90-day: $4111 (Pay in Full). Payment plans are available.

*The 90 Day program includes 2 x 2hr online Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions and personalised transformation recordings*.

This investment is of exceptional value given the transformation that is possible in this program. And considering the positive impact on your mental and physical wellbeing, productivity, business and relationships all of which are priceless. 

Would you like to apply or find out more?

Please message Catherine (via FB messenger) or send an email to catherine.eliot@iinet.net.au to obtain more information about the programs or to apply. Catherine will ask you a few questions to assess fit, and if it is a good fit, in most cases you can get started the following week.

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