About Me

Hello Beautiful Soul!

I’m Catherine Eliot.

I believe that you have been drawn to me for a reason.

I am a Mindset and Spiritual coach from Perth, WA, but I work with beautiful souls all over the world online.

I help women change limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and teach them to love and accept themselves.

I help them to clear energetic blocks, tune in, trust in their intuition and develop their spiritual side so that they can connect with their higher self and align with their soul’s purpose and find the answers they are seeking.

I am a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTTP), and Energy Healer (Reiki and Ashati). I am a Psychic Medium and seek guidance from spirit in my work.

But best of all I am a Mum of 4, wife, a yoga & mindfulness meditation practitioner and a highly sensitive person. I love walking or running in nature, the ocean, my pets and my beautiful family and friends.

I worked for a number of years as a Psychologist in the private sector, then for a university counselling service, whilst raising my kids (i’m still raising them!). But I felt that something was missing, I felt that I needed to help more people and in better ways. So I made the leap into private practice in 2019, and whilst I was much happier with having the freedom and autonomy I had craved, I was not really able to do the work with people that I really wanted to, incorporating my spiritual gifts. So I trusted my intuition, the inner nudge I was getting from the universe that I was meant to be doing something more spiritually aligned.

I decided to work on developing my Psychic gifts, trained in RTT Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing and I now feel truly aligned with my soul’s purpose, ready to serve my soul clients.


Everything (and I mean everything) that I offer in my business is something that has helped me along my quest for personal, spiritual development and self love. For many years I struggled with low self-confidence, beliefs that I was not loveable, not good enough. But I can honestly say that I do now feel worthy, good enough and fully in my power. And that is due to what I have learned on my journey of self-development.

And yes, my quest is life long, and I continue to learn and grow but I promise to share with you what I learn.

I am so honoured to connect with you and help you on your journey of self or spiritual development, to step into your feminine power and live the life you so deserve beautiful soul.

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