About Catherine

I am a Mindset coach and holistic Psychologist from Perth, but I work with people all over the world online.

My soul purpose is to empower women and help them increase their self-confidence by changing limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and teaching them to live abundant lives.

Some of the things I help women achieve are: change their beliefs, help them install their inner cheerleader, reduce overwhelm, create a vision and take inspired action, become more present in their lives, reduce their anxiety and take giant leaps in their business. I also teach women to develop and trust their intuition, about manifestation and the universal laws, help them to align with their life’s purpose and create the life they truly deserve.

I am a Mum of 4, wife, a yoga & mindfulness meditation practitioner and a highly sensitive person. I love walking or running in nature, the ocean, my pets and my beautiful family and friends.

I offer face to face Mindset coaching packages, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Intuitive counselling, and have just opened the doors to my signature 7-week group program ‘The Abundant Life Academy’.


I have over 15 years experience working in mental health, and have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. I am also a licensed RTT practitioner, and am trained in Reiki 1 & 2. I also have done much of my own spiritual and energetic development over the past 3 years. And am excited to share all of my knowledge with you to help you achieve amazing things.

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